Welcome to Worldly Pursuit. We believe God has, throughout scripture, made clear His intention to call to Himself worshipers from all nations, tribes, languages and peoples. We have the amazing opportunity here in Louisville, KY to interact with students and scholars from many far away places.

The purpose of this site is three-fold:

This site is a place where you can be connected to articles, ministries and resources to enhance your understanding of international ministry stateside and globally.

We also want to be able to easily relay the joys, the struggles and the funny instances that can come from interacting cross-culturally. Look for fun and, we hope, interesting anecdotes on the blog.

Finally, we want you to be able to pray for us with wisdom and insight. Not only will we be blessed by your informed prayers on our behalf, but we hope that you will be encouraged to see how God is working in our corner of the world.

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